The subprime lending crisis and the rise and fall of Fremont Investment & Loan (blog post)

Presented during the joint LA-ACFE and the Beverly Hills Bar Association, a must read for those in the mortgage and loan industry.
For additional information, contact your local ACFE Chapter. 

How Fraud Hurts You and Your Organization (wma video)

Produced by the ACFE and AICPA, this presentation is an eye-opener to the reality of fraud.
To get a copy of the entire video, contact your local ACFE Chapter. 

ACFE Fraud Prevention Check-Up (pdf)

One of the ACFE's most valuable fraud prevention resources, the ACFE Fraud Prevention Check-Up is a simple yet powerful test of your company's fraud health. 
Test fraud prevention processes designed to help you identify major gaps and fix them before it is too late. 

Best Practices in Ethics Hotlines: A framework for creating an effective anonymous reporting program (pdf)

Understand the key elements in establishing a hotline for your company. 

How to Prevent Small Business Fraud (pdf)

An excerpt from the ACFE Fraud Examiners Manual. Understand common fraud schemes that effect small business. 

Sample Fraud Policy (pdf)

Every company should have corporate fraud policy established to facilitate the development of controls and which will aid in the prevention and detection of fraud against your company.